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I was sat in the garden some summers ago, with my camera on my lap, idly watching the midges flitting up and down.  I noticed there were two larger midges that repeatedly move from the far end of the garden to where I was sat.
As I watched an idea formed..........

I set the camera's focus to just about where the midges flitted to, reset the auto focus and set the camera to beep when locked on.  The shutter speed was set to 1/4000th sec, the aperture to f/5.6, (the largest for my 300 mm Nikon lens); the ISO was set to 800.

When the midges flew to me I quickly focused and when I heard the beep, fired off a high speed burst, returning eight grossly under-exposed images.  The first frame I shot had a very dim spot of light on it, the other seven frames were completely empty, so one MASSIVE crop and increase in exposure in post processing produced this.

hovering fly.jpg

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That, is one of the most incredible macro photographs I have seen in some time.... great focus, plenty of action.... lots of detail....



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Quite remarkable Fogey !! And ... thanks too for the EXIF data too... it's often a great help  for people  to see that  when striving to get pictures like this ....Thanks for sharing the photo and the info ....  I can see already  you will feel right at home on this forum .... great to have you aboard ....

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Thank you both.  I have to say that  I was amazed the camera and lens picked up such detail from such a minute part of the frame.

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What camera were you shooting with out of interest  Fogey?... ...  It's one thing to get  lots of detail from a massive crop on a static insect on a flower with a decent camera and lens but  a midge in midair  and even make out some  hairs on it's legs is  almost unbelievable... well done you !

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It's always good to see what can be possible with a bit of ingenuity and application ...  it encourages  us all to try things ....

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1 hour ago, Fogey said:

I think a lot of that was down to the quality of Nikon.

There are a couple of us on the forum, myself and Paul, that spend a lot of time doing macro work, I use a Canon 100mm 1:1 f.2.8 macro lens + extension tubes, Paul uses a Laowa 2:1 f2.8 Super Macro Lens (you commented on his Eye Lad thread) - the Laowa is a fully manual lens

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