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Lemurs are the most endangered animals on the planet due to deforestation of their habitat  apparently  Fogey ... I watched a  series of three documentaries  recently and it included a whole programme on Madagascar where these animals  are found ... Fascinating creatures as you said ...  very family orientated  too  like many primates . You certainly got the attention of the  individual in the first pic ... Not sure if he's posing  for you  or irritated with you   invading his privacy !😉  

Anyway ...a really nice set  to introduce  yourself with ...  more please !

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No Clicker, it was in Bushy Park, which is part of Hampton Court.

This particular stag was  the monarch of the park and all the does were flocking to him.  I have a shot of a defeated stag lying down, licking his wounds.  The rest were teenagers trying it on, but a bellow from this chap had them all running.

Incidentally, in the images of the stag bellowing, look for the hole just below the eyes.  When the stag bellows these holes open up to emit the sound.  More far reaching I'm told.

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A super set of pics Fogey ... if you have more from the Park start a new thread ,  (say  wildlife Part 2) as it is only the first pic that you post that is shown on the banner at the top of the page and some members may have missed your first pic posted and might not  know that you have posted more . 👍🏻

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