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Last of the summer...

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You really ought to produce a book or items like coasters and place mats decorated with images of your flower images Polly.

I can see something like this as a really good seller in garden centres around the country !

I will arrange the storage & distribution and only take a 10% cut of profits :) 

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Thanks. Denis and Dee....  Korky and I used to swap textures that we had made on a regular basis  and this was

 one that he sent me three years ago .... Gosh  I do miss his wit and pics on here... 

 I do use the my florals for greeting cards Denis and  I have used them for  coasters , mats etc but not to sell ... mostly as personal gifts for friend and relatives or  for charities.     Thanks for the offer though ??    With your truckdriving  we could maybe go international...  Florapol .....?

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7 hours ago, Clicker said:

Korky and I used to swap textures that we had made on a regular basis

I was going to say it reminds me of something Korky would produce....

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Aw thanks Rye...Korks and I often compared techniques and shared textures as we both had a penchant for using them ....

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