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Further to my study very early this morning of Art Macro studies of flowers, I decided this afternoon, to explore further using a very different DIY lens.... the tiny vintage  Cine Camera lens this time opened right up to F2 to ensure the shallowest DOF..

no extension rings just slight crops of my frame-filling observations.... so what you see....I saw through the viewfinder.

A further study of different colour Backgrounds might follow... pastel-paper perhaps ?


Cheryl and Polly should be interested in these....it was their joint post that motivated me so strongly this morning, just after dawn.









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Thanks for looking Fogey.....as you are curious, here is my set-up for some of my ....Art-Macro.....

A LUMIX GX8 M4/3 camera.... an M42 adapter, a black bottle top, a very high quality vintage cine camera lens ....the last four items held together with hot glue.

My other set up for DIMITAR shots.is.... the same camera, plus, an M42 adapter, then a LEICA, vintage Slide-Projector lens .....

You can see results from both these set-ups in my history.....

It is fun to do, then even more fun, learning to get the best from each set up.

I thank you for your interest.



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I thought I had commented on these Fooj .... ...l#4 #5 do it for me ...

Oh ..By the way, Fogey ... Fooj(Fuji)  sometimes goes by the alias of Heath Robinson ! What he can concoct with a hot glue gun , some sticky back plastic and  an old cine lens must come from hours of watching Blue Peter with his grandchildren ! Don't ya just love it !😉

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