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Street Art in Digbeth, Birmingham

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Another visit to the arty area of Digbeth by what is called the Custard Factory

Always interesting to go down there, and as the area is due for complete renovation in the coming years with lots of apartments and flats, I hope we dont lose too many of the older streets 






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A Marmite topic for some, but I love photographing this type of scene!

To produce art like this on the scale it appears in is no mean feat, I would rather see these paintings than just decay and rotten brickwork .

Briliiant stuff Jon :)

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Absolutely love these  Strav......  I agree with Denis ... some street artists are  very talented and turn  some urban derelict areas into virtual galleries ..

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Brilliant images, I use to be a bit of a Graf artist as a teenager ( Graf artist was what street artists use to be called) not that I was any good, I’d loved to have that level of talent.

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Thanks all, but really credit to the artists whoever they were.  theres always new stuff going up there, there used to be a Festival of Colour every year but that stopped, and on those days you could wander the streets and see the artists actually painting

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