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Up Close and Personal

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Thanks all for your comments.  Beautiful to see flying around the reeds but look a bit more fierce close up.  They are apparently one of the most successful predators on the planet.

Polly, taken with a 100 mm Tokina lens.  It is such a good lens that even though it is a Nikon F fit, I kept it to use with a manual adaptor after I jumped ship to Fuji X.  Partly due I think to the fact that it is a full frame lens so that for an APSC sensor, I'm only using the center portion of its coverage.  I prefer it to the Fuji 60 mm because the extra focal length lets me stand back a bit more from the subject.

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I love to see the detail so close. After seeing the original, I think you’ve done a good job post processing and I like your cropping decision. Great angle - it seems to looming. 

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