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POTW ~ Week Ending 23/08/2020


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Another week with a splendid mix of pictures for me to choose from. Yet again some great macro work, some nice portraits and as ever landscapes to be envious of.

And a special mention for johntwo and his wonderful woodland light shot which pushed my eventual winner very close.

But this weeks winning picture for some reason from first viewing I just couldn't get this shot out of my head which is the mark of a great picture.
Although quite simple in its nature I found the subject and presentation right up my street... therefore a shot worthy for my choice of POTW.
Congratulations goes this week to.................... FUJI for his mushroom still life............LINK TO ORIGINAL >>> NOT MUSH ROOM ON HERE 


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A wonderful, and totally unexpected surprise.... it was one of those photographs that just HAD to be taken.....that simple plate of prepared button mushrooms .....


I honestly, stopped dead in my tracks..... then went to fetch my camera....



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A lovely simple but detailed image, congrats Fuji.                                                 Nice choice sjr.

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Congratulations Fooj... Looks good enough to eat...  well seen and proof that our photo opportunities are always there if we  look for them. Good Choice Simon.

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Good choice, great pic, they wouldnt have been around long enough for me to photograph :)

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