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Messing About on the River

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I actually managed to get out with a camera for an hour...


The Angler



Leisurely Canoe



Rowing Harder






The Weir



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Nice to see pics of water that  doesn't include the  rain we seem to have had so much this last week Gareth ...  and talk about  balance ...those two single scullers  must have it in spades  looking at how precariously they  appear to be placed on their craft especially that lady ! I think that 's my fave ... just  out of sheer admiration!

Looks like a diagonal theme throughout the set ...'cept for a very nice swan   ..

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How on earth do they balance those things (the Skiff)?  Interesting series Gareth.  I must admit that I like the feeling of relaxation in the first one.  I'm slightly envious if anything.. 

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