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Kenilworth Ford has been flooding over the main road just around the corner from our house for centuries....prior to large diameter pipes being laid under the road during the 1960 s the road flooded almost every time it rained. Now it only happens after prolonged rain combined with a high water table. This was the first time it flooded to trigger the electronic warning signs this year, owing to a very dry summer.

Despite official closure of the road putting off many drivers, most locals and pro drivers usually know the capabilities if their vehicles, so chance it....get it wrong and you can wreck your engine, end up with wet feet, a hefty bill and being laughed at by the usual crowd on the footbridge.

Because I live so very close, I only take a look if the water is over that footbridge, and the footpaths across the old Abbey Fields are impassible....that is a one in 3 year occurrence.....should the current wet time continue it might get there soon.

That means a very quiet main road for a few days, and nights..... a real blessing.

i must acknowledge our local videographer Here.



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1 hour ago, JohnP said:

Some of those drivers seem to be taking chances driving too fast, maybe not so bad with a diesel as no electrical ignition to worry about.

They are usually locals John..... very used to driving through whilst pleasing the crowd on the footbridge.... my son is among them in this video.

Strangers to the area, often get it wrong by taking their foot off the accelerator ..... this can suck water into the hot exhaust system.....or water gets so high up the bonnet it floods the very hot engine.... often they get marooned in deep fast flowing water and require the emergency  services .... or the AA etc.

Both of my sons in the past, like many, many other locals, have parked their 4 wheel drive vehicles to offer assistance..... just for fun.

There would be a local uproar if anyone dare suggest that the Ford be bridged or deep culverted .... KENILWORTH without the Ford would be like Blackpool minus the Tower.




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