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Looks like the issues  have been resolved now folks... sorry for the inconvenience..

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Just to let Members know the gremlins in the Dark Mode are back again today and the text is white on white in some areas rendering it  invisible but this issue is being addressed as we speak ... Meanwhile there is a CHANGE MODE button top left under the TIPF logo that can change theme from dark mode to white mode to enable you to still  read it . then back to dark mode if you prefer. Will get back to you all asap. ...

Clicker and Admin team  



It appears that the issues with the Dark Mode have been resolved  now ..... thanks for your patience everyone  .

Clicker and the Admin Team

Sorry folks ...looks like some gremlins on the site  again ... we are working to resolve them as soon as possible and will post another post it to let you know when it has been fixed ..... apologies all round ... 

Clicker and the Admin team  2/5/20  at 15.45 hrs



Regarding the earlier Gremlins last week ....I waited  a bit to notify you all...in case it came back but it appears to have  been sorted ...If anyone  still has issues that they have  found are not working please let us know ...

Clicker and the Admin team  

Dark Mode On/Off


Taking the Bend.

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I agree ... it does work....  the background would be superfluous and reduced  to the hint of grey serves  it’s purpose without any detracting from the dynamics of three brilliantly positioned riders in their painterly medium ...  a very pleasing result John. 

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That would probably work for a gents Birthday greeting card to great effect, very well done :)

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Thanks all for the comments.

Polly that's what drove me i this direction.  The background is black tyres part covered in orange and white polythene.  Just a bit distracting.

Birthday card?  Now there's a thought.

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Yes, works for me too, I really like this one John, the removal of the background stuff was a great idea.

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