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Great Coxwell Barn

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(Lots of images here!)

Great Coxwell Tithe Barn, is a late 13th century (probably) tithe barn in Great Coxwell near Faringdon.

All of these images were taken using 5x4 film in the Intrepid camera, various filmstocks & lenses.

Exterior from the SW: (Catlabs 80X, 90mm angulon, f/22, 1/10)


NE Butress (Catlabs, 180mm Xenar, f/28, 1/10):


The eastern porch (this is where the carts would have entered in the medæval period) (Catlabs, 135mm Fujinon, f/45, 1/2):



Interior looking N, (Ilford HP5+, 150mm symmar, f/16, 1s [Pyro Developer]) The large end doors are a later 18th century addition


Interior looking S (HP5+, 150mm symmar, f/22, 1s, Pyro):


One of the roof pillars (Hp5+, 180mm xenar, f/22, 45s):


Doorway to the West porch (probably after it was converted to a stable in the 18th century) and aisle beam, and detail showing graffiti (Ilford FP4+, 180mm xenar, f/22, 15s):



Aisle beam (FP4+, 135mm Fujinon, f/32, 30s):



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What a magnificent building James ....and what a magnificent record you have made of it too ... Fascinating stuff ...thanks .

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A very impressive old building, James.

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I have seen some barns in my life but nothing quite as solid as this, it almost looks like a fortified building from the outside!

Thanks for the photographic record James.

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Looks like a substantial Church to me but it clearly isn't.  Nice series James.

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Thanks everyone.

1 hour ago, johntwo said:

Looks like a substantial Church to me but it clearly isn't.  Nice series James.

Actually that's probably not so much of a coincidence, as it was part of a Cistercian abbey, and the tithe barn would have been an important part of the abbey (possibly the most important secular building). Apparently most tithe barns in that era were aligned East-West, although geological factors force this one to be almost North-South.

I'd not been there before, I only found it because a Flickr user who also shoots large format, often in this area, had posted some images to some of the LF groups so I looked to see where it was.

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