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POTW Week ending 28th July 2019


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It's never an easy job picking out a winner  for this challenge ...and this week it seemed animals and  insects  were taking centre stage ...Roger  managed an amazing capture through the undergrowth  of a beauty of a fox,   and we were treated to  some  really stunning quality  images of butterflies and moths  from a member JohnP  who we haven't seen for a while,..Ryewolf then posted a  fabulous set of Pendle Hill pics whilst chasing a storm   but the picture that  just really stood out for me this week was in fact a set  of the most adorable terrier Dexter . I think  all four of these are just  beautifully presented  and processed .I just defy anyone to look at them and  not just   be totally smitten ... So well done Craig ... Awesome  stuff .... .



You can see the original post and the rest of the set on the link below  ...



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Shocked and Stunned to say the least...! 

So many superb images as Clicker rightly said,
Looking at a lot of this weeks photos... We really have some amazing talent in this community of ours.
Thank you Polly and everyone else.

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