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Just to let you know we have some new challenges starting Monday 1st July 2019, you can find more details here:

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Ryewolf Ryewolf

I'm looking for Cats, Capybara, Canals... What will you find?

Join us in the A-Z Challenge... Week 3 - The Letter C and see what you can find!!


Broughton Bay sunset

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Trying to decide where to go last night.... Was checking photopills and a saw a little river feeding into the sea at a beach I haven't been to since I was a teenager... So a little walk.... 2 miles in total..more than enough for a f.. B..... Like me.... Was sitting by the river watching the swallows drinking on the wing... Wish I had my little point and shoot as I could of filmed it.... We'll it tured into a lovely sunset.... But I found my sensor was stinking and I keep getting a purple colour cast from my new nd grads 😭


Well hope you like the pics 






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A nice set, I like no 3

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Nice set, #3 for me too, and nice colours in the sunset ones.

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