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POTW - w/e 26/05/19

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The POTW is a little early this week as Mrs K and myself are out on the crazy razz tonight. Need to be at the Village Hall for 7.30 at the latest as the Beetle Drive starts at 7.45 sharp and the vicar gets a bit rattled if anyone turns up late. He gave Enid Blackshaw a right old roasting last week. Mind you, she did stink of gin and had a roll-up hanging from the corner of her gob.


I've gone for a POTW that instantly grabbed me by its sheer wackiness. It's the first shot from Ryewolf's Two Times Four and I just love it. It tells a great story of what's obviously been a super day out and all the little elements of the photograph come together brilliantly well to both amuse and hold the interest. So much so that I've come back to it a number of times just to enjoy the image a little more. 


I've got to ask the question......... Why IS that glove hanging from those glasses?

Well done, Rye, ya done good!



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Fabulous choice  Korks...It really makes you look hard at what is going on between them all and the fun is obvious .. Well done Rye..

I think she's showing that there is no glass in her faux spectacles so it's pointless trying to clean them ....:lol:

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1 hour ago, Korky said:

Why IS that glove hanging from those glasses?

Thanks Korky, I must admit I didn't notice it at the time, but looking back to the original image her lace glove does seem to be caught in the hinge of the ear arms.

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Congrats Rye - an image with such detail and fun element you can look at it for ages, as Korky said.

Nice choice Korky.

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