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Female Kingfisher at Rye Mead

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Hard going yesterday at Rye Mead RSPB. really heavy rain at times and Showers most of the time , but the female King was very active, light was awful so high ISO . had to work hard on the process, but happy , still cant get her or him just entering the water, but will keep trying, its so hard as they are very quick in the dive and exit.








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I have always wanted to capture these birds Ray but I have only ever seen one in the flesh on one occasion and even then too far away for the camera I had to hand.  Great set of shots, I couldn't choose between them.  Perhaps as a study, the first one stands out slightly.

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So impressive to find a place where you can catch images like this ... well done again Roger ...  lovely work ... 

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Just the one pair at Rye Meads, so this was the same bird I managed a shot of last weekend! good to see the in flight shots :)

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Great set of photos, Roger.
I've still never seen one of those in real life.


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