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Is a bit of an understatement in this case......this pic originated as an ARW RAW shot from my LUMIX GX8 camera....

Using my new bit of kit switched on<and with my SD card in the slot....it transferred the file which IOS had put a large question mark over a greed  out rectangle over, in the file search....but, as soon as I pressed EXPORT to my new app....Pixelmator Pro ....it magically appeared full size ready to process.

This saved to the sad card, and within the app, choice between TIFF or JPEG.... I exported a jpeg version to load here.

ah!....but the file is too big...so hold on...

File re-sized and.....BINGO! ...Live as it happened.

i can see that aim going to enjoy my iPad-pro as Photo editor.

For further details....see my previous post.









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Hi, Folks,

With regard to my two posts regarding my new iPad Photo-editing software and hardware I need to clarify things a little more......because there are a few errors.

The brand new, newly released photo-editing app is...PIXELMATOR PHOTO.... available from Apple in the usual way for a very reasonable cost....the video here gives a more than excellent overview. Apparently it handle most RAW file formats.....once you get a photo in it fir editing the whole is very logical to use....the retouch tool is truly amazing.

I still need to learn how to edit on layers to achieve my usual...Contrast-Grading, but that will come in time.


Next....the clever bit of hardware I invested in so that I can use ANY external storage with my iPad-pro....

I must admit, that I didn’t know that an SD card connection for RAW pics was available, but let’s continue....

My new connection device is the...RAVPOWER ALL-IN-1 FILEHUB ...a fully independent device that connects wirelessly with my iPad... it can be used in many ways whilst travelling...it has sockets for USB/SD CARDS/MEMORY STICKS AND EXTERNAL DRIVES.... My 300 terabyte drive with thousands of photos works seamlessly and surprisingly quickly, with the hub next to my chair, not encumbered by wires.

I think that clarified things ?



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Nice to see that technology is not lost on you fooj, personally I have not got a clue how to use the photo editing software I have got effectively, mind you I dont get a lot of time to learn this stuff yet, I  have to wait for retirement for that!

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