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Ive gone and done it.....

The new edition of....PIXELMATOR PRO RAW Photo editing app downloaded overnight to my iPad-Pro .....very confusing at first because, iOS just won’t play with RAW files....but after some juggling I worked it out.

Step 1 is to connect wirelessly to my new, RAVPOWER ALL-IN-1 FILEHUB.... ( pleases Google this) .... 

2: Connect external drive/sd card/memory stick .....to access all files therein.

3: This is the tricky bit....iOS won’t recognise RAW....so, open files on external source wirelessly....then EXPORT... directly into the PIXELMATOR PRO app on the iPad....

4: The photo processing format is very similar to most other applications, just a few wrinkles to learn, so will improve with time....

5: The colour shots show original, then a very quick experimental makeover using the auto improvement, plus curves....not an exciting pic, but just a demo.

6: This was imported from a saved RAW PSD file.... adjustments made in Curves....saved to PIXELMATOR PRO....then exported as a jpeg to iPad Photos.


Its going to take some time for this ancient grad if mine to become as slick as I am on CS6 and NIK EFEX.... But, I’m determined to get there.






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I must be missing something. My IPad imports Olympus raw files from my SD card to display then process if necessary to be saved as jpeg or other format. I use PS Express to process  the files. I don't  know whether the files are processed  in raw but I suspect not.

What am I missing ?

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