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1. Subject : Ant

2. Camera : Fuji XT2

3. Lens : Otamat 20mm f2.8

4. Other : 56mm extension tubes

5. Obj: - no

6. Magnification: 7<>.

7. Step Size : 18 uM with Wemacro rail

8. Camera Settings: iso200 - 1/200 - f2.8.

9. Stack # : 96 photos stacked in Helican focus

10. Lighting : 3x Godox tt350f ; diffuser tunnel


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Ant ?  ....Where is Dec then ....?:rofl:

Sorry Andy  ...that is seriously  good work  but I just couldn't resist that ...

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WOW! WOW! WOW! Weary.......thus is one of your best yet...

One if the most detailed study of an  ant I have ever seen....

Fascinating critters.....Im so  pleased that Mother Nature keeps them as small as they are....the same goes for all insects and bugs except butterfly’s ...



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Fabulous work, Andy.


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Amazing details as usual Andy.

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