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The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express. - The Sequel.

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Sometimes the first frame you select from a batch isn't the best.  I processed this and thought that I actually liked it more than the first one.   A bit of noise reduction needed here due to the heavier crop and I've also applied 0.5 of Gaussian Blur because the other images look a bit brittle..  The first one is another view of the country around there.

P.S. Added a mono version that I like even more.








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Both are terrific images in either format John, There is nothing in the photo apart from the nameplate to suggest this is a modern image, so for me the mono version looks absolutely period. Having said that, and after another scrutiny, the colour version has an old  feel purely through the processing you have achieved.

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I must admit I do like steam engines in mono, however I do like the colour version.

I'm glad so many people up and down the country have spent so much time, energy and money preserving these steam engines for future generations. I was only 6-7 years old when they withdrew the last of the steam engines on main lines.

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Thanks Denis, Thanks Rye.

The colour rendering is purely accidental Denis.  It was very contrasty in places where the sun  got to the train  and the blacks are a bit heavy.  Reminiscent of  Kodachrome slide film.

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