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Another good BIF shot Mike.Always makes me think they're wearing headphones when I see them in their winter plumage.

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A good one Mike....until my vision went crook on me, I used to spend hours by our local pool, attempting to catch the super-fast Black-Headed Gulls in flight....my old posts might still be on here somewhere.

I sold my Sony camera, together with my macro and long lenses so I could afford to acquire my  Panasonic GX8 and my current prime lenses....the camera has a rather unique tilting EVF that helps me enormously. 

Sadly I appear to have lost my birding and macro mojo.....or....have sorted myself out, to  find Street Photography...to be ...My Thing.


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I always admire BIF pics that are captured with such detail ... . You’ve done this before haven’t ya ....😉

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