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POTW Week Ending 23/12/2018

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It has been a good bit quieter, understandably, at this time of year  on the Forum   but I  just love the vigour and balance of this image  and  though Ryewolf takes  lots of very good photos of  steam trains,  this one stands out for me...   the dramatic  steam and smoke with the sunlight behind the plumes of belching fumes  gives an immense feeling of the power of this   engine   yet it still  allows us to appreciate  the  beautiful landscape  which it is thundering through. It  does this without  the train completely overwhelming the image... Well done Rye ... one of your very best   steam train photos.. 

Full Steam Ahead is my POTW


 You can find the original post  via the link below ..



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One of your best Rye.......congratulations.


On 24/12/2018 at 22:32, vanguard said:

Come Christmas Day I shall have a new shooting partner, as my daughter will have EM5 and a few kit lenses. It’ll be fun to teach her how to use a camera using manual. 

Have you tried any of the old leica lens on the Panasonic? 


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Well done Rye,thought it was  POTW material as soon as it was posted !

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