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As a long time oldie I use a consessionary bus pass for all my local travel....you all know the drill ?

Hop on the bus, wallet in left hand ...pass in right hand, ready to place on the bus card reader..it goes BEEP and your ticket is issued...no problem at all until the other week that is...

On receiving my end of November bank statement, I noted that the bus company had deducted the £3 fare, from my...Contactess Debit card, that nestled in my wallet, held at least a foot away from the bus card reader.

This annoyed and horrified me, because of the potential for real theft of quantities of small amounts from unsuspecting people.

I spent 15 minutes at 12 p a minute explaining to the bus company...they are investigating....My bank has vanished from my local high street, so a bus trip took me to the only branch in my area...

The rep, tried to tell me that it just couldn’t happen.....until I showed him the very clear evidence....he then kept a queue waiting for 15 minutes while he typed my complaint and compensation claim....I should receive an official response in 48 hrs. But what he said next, made me very angry indeed......"Why are you making such a fuss over £3 ?...... I was spitting feathers at this point....it wasn’t his money....it was MINE, kept on my behalf in his bank....
I see many consessionary-pass users, placing their whole wallet or purse on a bus card reader....this is asking for an unprotected card to be charged instead....£3 may not be much today....but multiply it by hundreds and it does...especially if no individual makes a fuss.

I have acquired a Faraday wallet blocking card now......Faraday wallets and purses are available..

I am amazed that my contactless card was in my wallet, held at least a foot away as I used my free bus pass.

Sorry this is so long...but it is important....if it happens to you....MAKE A FUSS !

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I am livid on your behalf Fooj... not just the fact that the money was  fraudulently debited but almost adding insult to injury , the response of the clerk challenging  why you were making a complaint over £3.00, almost beggers belief!!  Just told hubby and he suggests you write to the Chief Executive of your bank  showing a copy is going to your local  newspaper if you have not had a reply within 48 hours and demand  that  the clerk send a letter of apology and insist on them being retrained !...

 I have a wallet that protects all my cards as I am aware that they can be accessed relatively easily  otherwise... Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention though ...and let us know the outcome  on here ... 

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I must admit to not liking Contactless Cards - even though I do use them .

1 hour ago, FUJI said:

Why are you making such a fuss over £3 ?

Quite right, to make a fuss, especially if you make 2 or 3 journeys everyday of the week, it could soon mount up - especially if you don't realise you're being charged for your 'free' bus ride and go into an un-authorised overdraft that they then charge you for.

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I think I might immediately have asked to see the Manager.  Do you still bank with them..

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I have just given up at this point.......because there was a point in time, in a small town...when a bank branch ( one of three or more, complete with an efficient staff plus a manager, would be there for you.....I received huge help when I was acquiring our first house, first car and then setting up and maintaining a small business.....they went out of their way to steer me along the right financial pathways.

When the Midland became HSBC.....I changed to Nat-West....who at our once main branch gave a better than average service across the board.....but....it vanished from our high street almost two years ago. Now, if I have cheques to pay in, or other business (as for this complaint) I have a bus journey of five miles, to go to a dark corner of a shopping arcade, where there are three paying in machines, a counter plus three, or at the most four staff... one stands by the machines to assist those who are uncertain...the other man’s the tills..cash in cash out.....the third sits behind a large computer screen, awaiting people like me.

i have spotted a fourth person, but she seems to hide in an office to one side........they just aren’t interested in a pensioner who had had £3 taken from his account....the clerk who dealt with me...said he could have just given me my £3 from petty cash .....but I stood my ground to end sure that my complaint went further up the chain of command

I was promised a response within 48 hours.....nothing yet.

On the other hand, and on a very positive note...the local rep for the bus company couldn’t have been more pleasant or efficient....she showed true concern, gave me lots of her time, ensuring that my paperwork went to head office pronto.....

I await results with great interest.....but not much hope.....

Thank you all for you kind words and concerns, I am just spreading the word.....that no one cares, if cash is stolen from your contactless cards.



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