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Steam Trains At Night

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I keeping meaning to comment on these ... I'm not sure these appeal to me quite as much as your day time train pics Rye ... somehow the  lights  throw the details of the engines into  a bit too much shadow, understandably,  for me ... Though they  certainly  have the  aura and atmosphere of  dark foreboding monsters  huffing and puffing out of the darkness  I like the middle one  best ..I like  the   shadow of the funnel  actually cast, unusually, on the actual steam .

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Hi, Rye,

I too am catching up, so please forgive my slowness in responding to these and to your other ...Steam Train...images.....just like any other vehicles it is the way they are photographed that can add so much to the appeal, or interest from the viewer..... with vehicles, planes etc it can be the angle , the light or weather that can make all the difference.


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