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My shooting pal and I spent a bitterly cold three hours in Civentry City Centre this morning...the light was grey and very flat....but not to be defeated we both set cameras to high ISO and carried on.

My GX8 was set to 1600 ISO the highest `I have ever used.....I am particularly pleased with these sample results....all after noise reduction, contrast grading plus a final targeted sharpen...all done in CS6 and NIK EFEX.

It happened to be yet another...Coventry Univdrsity Graduation Day, so mortar boards, robes, plus best clothes were the order of the day fir participants and families...we met and photographed many wonderful and diverse individuals....a great time was had by all.

More to follow.





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Two good shots - I like the facial expression of the shopkeeper.  I think the colour version works bests he stands out from the background more.

I recognise the feet in the last one - outside the cathedral!


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