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A set taken in town during a rainstorm, then just afterwards.

Small Town Street Photography



Mmmmmmm mono.jpg

TROLLEY  mono   good .jpg


ELEGANCE   mono .jpg

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I like images 3 and 4 and like the postural and facial differences between the two images. The old guy looks thoroughly miserable, whereas the young lady looks almost oblivious to the weather.

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Fully agree with Rye - shots three and four are excellent for exactly the reasons he stated.

Number two is also very good, I love the lady's expression of sheer frustration at struggling with the umbrella and the bags and the trolley and that lovely British rain.



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Another  candid set ... always a great narrative with your  pics Fooj ... I actually like them all but the first one just made me laugh... with her expression coupled with the question on the poster !!!

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