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Eye - Eye - Abstract No #1

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This is for all photographers who've cocked up an image by using the wrong settings, it doesn't mean that the image is a complete failure, you just have to look at it in a different way....

This reminded me of an apes eye.....


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That one isn't twangin' my braces, Rye. Sorry!  Your abstract work is usually much better - I should know, I'm your greatest fan.


BTW - I had a really long gawp last night after two bottles of Buckfast. I didn't see an ape's eye, but I did start to hallucinate in monochrome. Try it if you're up for summat different. I thought it was fourteen quid well spent!

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3 hours ago, Korky said:

That one isn't twangin' my braces, Rye. Sorry!

Thanks for the comment Korky, it was supposed to be of the Gatehouse of Whalley Abbey (in portrait), but I messed up the settings and ended up with a lot longer shutter exposure than I expected.....

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