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The Duchess Part II

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Some more of the Duchess of Sutherland at Rawtenstall...





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Even though I'm far from being a steam enthusiast, I can really appreciate the power and beauty of these machines.

A beltin' set of pics, Rye - number 3 is my favourite.


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Thanks Korky, I've not seen this particular steam engine before.

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 Have a sentimental soft spot for this particular engine Rye ... I have the Double 00 model of it n a case under the bed from about 1959.. I’ll have to retrieve it and take a photo . I think I’d like to see the last image in colour too ..   I really like these ..

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12 hours ago, Clicker said:

I think I’d like to see the last image in colour too


I always had a soft spot for 92220 Evening Star, a 2-10-0 Class 9F it was the last steam locomotive to be built by British Railways and the only British main line steam locomotive earmarked for preservation from the date of construction. Alas due to it's design all class 9F's have been banned from mainline operation, which is a shame as I would love to see it running on the ELR.

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