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Painting The Sky


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31 minutes ago, David995031 said:

Wow! Terrific stuff. Last one stands out for me but they are all impressive.

Thank You David, I like the uniformity of the last shot but its not quite as dramatic as some of the others.

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Wow Colin ... that has to be the best set of  photos  I  have ever seen of them... absolutely outstanding work and  I imagine  the RAF would love them too..... the first  one is just a spectacular capture ... Take a bow Sir ... these are award winning quality ... you must be thrilled to bits and as proud as Punch ... AWESOME  ....just awesome !

Oh ...and I really love *10th  Pic .... that really looks like a painted sky ...

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Impressive or what eh ...   Thanks for sharing these stunning pics with us Colin  ... it's been a pleasure to look at them ... I just keep coming back  to them ... Hubby is drooling .... lol

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9 hours ago, Hatter said:

Fabulous shots, Colin.

Is the "circular" manoeuvre (Pic 1 & 2) new?  I don't recall ever seeing that one before.


Good question Gareth, I think it was last year I first saw the Halo being displayed, although with RAF Scampton just a few miles away we often see displays that are 'in practice'. Works best when the Reds are head-on to the audience but with so many restriction these days they can't always do that. 

Many thanks to you all for the terrific response and wonderful replies. And one final pic I forgot...



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You FORGOT!!??????   A  perfect advert for the Red Arrows?....A promo pic if ever I saw one ... I am so envious of your  skills Colin ... What lens  were you working with please ....

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2 hours ago, Clicker said:

You FORGOT!!??????   

S  O  R  R  Y  Polly I promise to try harder... :sofa:

Lens used - Nikon 55/300mm VR a good lens for the price, although they seem to have jumped up a little in price since I bought mine a couple of years ago. I am considering buying something a little longer, I really could use a 600mm, maybe later in the year we will have to see how the 'spare cash' flow goes.  


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