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Buildings and Churches

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A couple from around Stonyhurst College




Statue in the graveyard at Dunsop Bridge



Statues in the church at Great Mitton






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That is a grand set Rye ,, 1st and last  appeal to me ... I love touring around your Manor ... I feel I know it quite well after three years  ..

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Thanks Clicker, Lancashire has quite a bit of history and is not all mills and terraced houses, in fact many of the places are mentioned in the Doomsday Book, but we have places that the Romans settled or built forts, there are also lots of Viking names and influences in the local area

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Nice set Rye.  Second and the last for me.  I didn't know that it is possible to wander around the college except of course when they hold events.  Must put it on my list.

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Excellent stuff - I always enjoy seeing your take on the places we (Mrs K and myself) have visited on our walks over the years.

My favourite from this set is the shot of the graveyard just outside Hurst Green. Love that one!


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