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Through an Elizabethan Kitchen window....

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Taken at Harvington Hall ...  and given  some textured treatment in pp ...



slightly warmer lighter  version ...1972038852_DSCF7872ed2s.thumb.jpg.417a7fae46d49554eb3a6c2b684ff3b4.jpg

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The second version for me Clicks.  Although you are more or less lined up with the wall edges, the window seems to lean to the left.  Is that optical or was the window itself distorted?

Edited by John2

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I agree with John - the 2nd version is best.  I like the arrangement of the pottery jars.

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OOPS ... It was probably my sloppy cropping John ...It was  3 am in the morning ....lol. I'll go sit on the naughty step ...thanks for pointing it out though ...

Here is the fixed version ...


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Nice, Polly - the second version for me as it shows better light on the pottery.

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