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Neighbours close by, have a spectacular .....Norwegian Forest Cat.....an amazingly beautiful feline having very distinctive features...like tufted ears, distinctive eye markings and double-thick fur.

Here he is atop the farm gatepost, and then down onto the fence rail....he isn’t a super friendly cat yet....still very young and learning to be master of his huge patrolling territory...

An area once patrolled by our late-great, recently passed Tinke.







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Lovely pics. They really are quite graceful creatures.

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A beautiful animal.

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Good looking Cat though Fuji !

Yes, I'm a cat person too :)

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I liked the idea of having one of these cats, as they are quite striking, however the £600+ price tag sorta cooled my enthusiasm to own one myself.... I must admit to being more of a dog person - my Avatar icon is of Granville (named after the David Jason character in Open All Hours) who I had for 17 years from being a puppy.

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