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Brown Goshawk with its kill

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Brown Goshawk with its kill. Brown Goshawks are also know as Chicken Hawks here, I guess because they are good at killing chickens. 

BrownGoshawk with its kill.jpg

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Looks a bit vicious!  Not something we get to see on our side of the Globe.

How close were you?

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You  wouldn’t want to be a chicken.....or a sparrow. I posted this pic on a bird site just now and the consensus from the birders is that it’s actually a Collared Sparrowhawk. The Brown Goshawk and the CSH look very similar.

I’m guessing it’s name came from the British as sparrows are not indigenous in Australia, though have been introduced and have adapted a bit too well. 

I was about 8 metres from it. 

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Nice capture.  I have never been so luck as to have been near enough to any Raptor at rest.  Maybe one day.   🙄

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