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Paintbrushes out for some cornflowers ...

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They've done a similar thing in our local park - only this morning Mrs K and myself were admiring the cornflowers.

 The digital paint looks excellent!


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It’s such a treat to see the carpet of colour either side of the road welcoming visitors and locals into the town and of course it was heaving with insects doing what insects do best ... ... and so cost effective ...  it must save a fortune on plants and grass cutting ...and environmentally friendly too.  

Is Mrs K enjoying her tennis ...   This is the first year when I haven’t seen  a single match... but I have watched every football match 😉


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The finish works a treat.  Worth space on the wall Clicks.  Lancashire CC have done the same thing for the new bypass north of Preston except just Poppies but no Cornflowers.  Very striking while they lasted.  Sadly the heat has seen them off.  I was trying to get a shot of Poppies with some slightly OOF horses in the BG.  I moved one of the Poppies for a better position and all of the petals fell off.   😟

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13 hours ago, Clicker said:

Is Mrs K enjoying her tennis?

Tennis being fully enjoyed by Lady Korkington - I'm clinging on to my sanity by watching Netflix on the laptop. It'll all be over very soon!


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