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I posted the first of my new-style Street Portraits yesterday....of a very amiable young  Japanese .....Having worked up the courage to stop complete strangers in the street to request a portrait took some doing even for me......But just to prove hat it wasn't always ladies I approached here are others in my set.

All of my subjects readily agreed to stop for a minute or so, and were even happy to be directed as to which way to face etc.....it wasn't easy, but I gained confidence as the afternoon wore on.

I have been studying and then following the work of American Street Photographer...Joe Van Dyk...from Houston Texas. He has video tutorials on YouTube that are short and very easy to follow.

I will, of course continue with my stealthy candid shots...but this method makes for a refreshing change, plus very interesting interaction and conversations.




NY  colour 1.jpg

INTENSE  1 colour crop .jpg

STREET PORTRAIT   colour.jpg

GARDENER  colour.jpg

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I struggle with stealthy candid shots and feel uncomfortable with doing them, so I probably - strike that - wouldn't take this approach..... I think I prefer the first two, well worth clicking to see the larger image as the forum seems to be making all images look softer than they actually are. Interesting that you've gone for all colour as well......

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