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Another day - another dog walk - another randomly chosen vintage lens on my X-T1




Hanimex Edit-1.jpg






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Another interesting set of images BP, I like the giant tortoise and the boots on the railings....

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All good for me but the Tortoise aces it.:thumbup:

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That tortoise is a very random thing to be sitting down near the beach. 

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What a great set BP.........love the last three especially.

I have recently acquired exactly the same model, but not really put it to the test yet.....

I am going on a shoot with my ex-pro pal this morning.....he is going to use my camera, with the Jupiter 11 fitted to take portraits of me at different aperture and camera settings.....notes will be made, so that when I do get a good portrait opportunity I will know what I am doing.

After that we will enjoy a free shoot around the Castle, including of visitors hopefully.

You have inspired me to put the 2.8-35 in my bag......THANKS !


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