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Tornado 60163 from today

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A couple more of the Tornado from today, same spot, same time just two different bodies/lenses.



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Two lovely images Rye. Both are impressive.

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I prefer the second, the first is a bit too foreshortened. Looks a better place for it than when I saw it at Didcot Railway Centre -- shuffling up and  down half a mile of track (though that does give lots of opportunities for photographs).

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Thanks James, I know what you mean about it being foreshortened. One of the problems was that it was on non-stop service between Bury and Rawtenstall and back and coming from Bury it was tender first so you had to wait for it to leave Rawtenstall, there where services every 2-3 hours so quite a long for it to go the right way around.

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