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A couple from my lunchtime wanderings in Durham.

Making myself use different lenses, and today was the 70-200





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Them icicles look deadly. I saw on the news that the Fire Service were knocking them off buildings In York City Centre this week as they were seen as a real risk to safety.

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Wow Jon, we don't get to see icicles like that! The detail in the brickwork is good in the large view.

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kev7D comment about the York Fire Brigade knocking icicles off buildings as they are a potential hazard gave me a pause for thought so I had a look to see what I could find and all of the statistical tables for UK and the causes deaths do not have any for icicles. I did find there were 15 in USA in 2017 so it would suggest either we don't have so many icicles here or we are perhaps more aware of them.

I do have a friend in Germany who was seriously injured when looking over the balcony of a ground floor holiday flat during a skiing holiday a few years ago as a large icicle detached and dropped straight onto his unprotected head. There was actually some doubt he would recover consciousness for several days. He is fine now, if a little vague sometimes.

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