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Set the alarm to be out of bed and down on the coast for sunrise - which typically didn't exactly happen as I'd have wanted.

Nevertheless you have to play the cards you're dealt...

Looks like there has been a rockfall recently:
Trow One TIPF.jpg

The sun did try to break through the clouds but all it achieved was a blown out highlight :rant:
Trow Two TIPF.jpg

And the trip wouldn't be complete without a bit of mono:
Trow Three TIPF.jpg

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Not a bad set for an indifferent morning.


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Another nice  set Beepy ...  I love how your horizons are always so pin sharp . You do have a smashing coastline to capture ...  always makes me envious .. the glassy foreground and reflection in  #1 really balances  the whole image perfectly but I love the POV  in the 2nd one .... despite the blown highlight    :lol:(which  even if cropped out doesn’t detract from the vista. )

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