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Square crop suits this one, Some nice colour. I think I would have liked to see the front riders face a little sharper?

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Hi Mr Speedy 

Welcome to the forum 

i like the composition and having the colourful one up front lends a lot to the image

I take it from your avatar that you yourself are a bicyclist  

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Thanks for your comments. I have only used a DSLR since November. How could I make his face clearer Kev7d?

Fuzzyedges, I am a cyclist and my club wears the pink and black lycra. I enjoy the cycling but not wanting to get into races so my friend (in the picture) said I should take photos instead. Still learning....

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Please drop in to the Welcome Centre and tell us a bit about yourself - you'll find a few folk just waiting to say hello.

I like your shot, btw, the tight framing looks very good.


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Hi Korky,

Where is the welcome centre?

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