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I picked up a Canon IXUS 500HS a couple of weeks back with the intention of having it as a carry everywhere camera but decided I wouldn't use over the iPhone and the fact I tend to carry the Fuji with me so I gave it to the missus who is chuffed to bits with it. That said I did take it out the other day when I was walking Jasper just to see what it was like.....she was at work and doesn't know shhhhhh!

Its tiny, fairly fast, the 10mp HS sensor is clean, the 12x zoom is addictive, the IS is very effective and the controls are good enough for day-to-day use. I might be tempted to pinch it from her more often :innocent:

Path to Enlightenment.jpg

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That certainly captures the time of year with changing conditions. Nicely composed too. 

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