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A new spot we walk the girls.....

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We try to get out for a walk most days - although we are running a bit later just now, because of the cooler starts to our mornings. This spot was a collection area for an old eucalyptus still, but that is now banned and there are many, many acres of farmland now being planted for future harvest. There are several tracks and this is two views, looking left and looking right, from one of the hill tops:




The sun was a bit of a problem in the second on, but put the two together and it gives you another look at 'our sort of space'

Looking down to where we started, you can just see the car, and the background is hazy because we had a good ground mist again. We head down there through the regrowth and Kelly & Brodie play 'hide & seek' with us amongst the trees!


Another good walk - healthy, interesting and fun filled too.

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That is one BIG place!    

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