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  2. I really pushed the camera today. Shooting into the sun.
  3. I've never used Lightroom or Capture one but as I've been using Photoshop since just after it started..... I'm a bit of an old dog, when it comes to learning new tricks ...and I've always been happy with Photoshop's evolution. I have been using it since 1993 when it was first compatible with Windows ... long before I ever invested in my iMac. I know Capture ONE have a programme especially for Fuji cameras which I may look into....and see if anyone on here has used that too.....
  4. Last week
  5. I have used previous versions of Capture One and it does have quite a steep learning curve especially if you are used to using Photoshop. My personal opinion is that it renders skin tones better and is a more accurate Raw processor than Lightroom. (but thats just my own opinion) However... if you tether capture you will struggle to find a faster setup than Capture one. It totally blows Photoshop Lightroom out of the water. After saying all this... I still use Photoshop and Lightroom purely because I am so used to them. But if someone has no experience in either I would certainly gi
  6. I am facing West. Redruth is visible directly to the East. Camborn is in fact directly in front of me in this shot. Just a luck of geography that it's tucked behind the hill you see in the distance. Loads of history on this hilltop with it being occupied since around 3700BC with stone roundhouses still visible in places.
  7. It’s a smashing place to visit John and you have captured it perfectly with those shots ... much as I agree with how frustrating it is to be so restricted in order to avoid the spread of this awful virus and how difficult it has made life especially if you live alone ... it could be worse ...and we could be in hospital on a ventilator so personally ... I am counting my blessings ...as I’m sure many of us are ... Supporting one another on places like this becomes all the more important so let’s look on the bright side and anticipate a late summer where life could be almost back to normal
  8. I always like a mystery, so trying to work out what went on with this church.... seems like it was built over 700-800 years with the earliest from the 12th C so any number of things could have happened over the centuries, if there was a vestry over the North Entrance the Holy Water Stoupe at the entrance would make sense...
  9. Thanks for that update. There wasn't much on the village website. Unusual to have a North door, but I guess the slope makes it sensible.
  10. Which way are you facing there Matt? lt looks like south east as Camborne and Redruth aren't obviously visible .... a lot of interesting history surrounding this area too. It must be one of the high points in the area ... as is usually the case for Castles to be built ..lol . Looks like a decent day weatherwise too...
  11. According to this website the North Door was the original entrance. https://thechurchexporer.blogspot.com/2018/11/st-andrew-letcombe-regis.html
  12. Thinking about it, I wonder if there was a vestry that was demolished at some stage, in which case a wash basin of some sort would make sense.
  13. Yes it's become very tough to get into places now...
  14. A friend of mine has now become very well known for this and has now got a book out.
  15. There sure are...I'm kinda glad there isn't much need to HDR these days. The above imaves are images stitched as pano's. The top image is of 4, the 2nd image consists of 2, hence why it looks more square. I used a Sony 20mm F/1.8 G lens.
  16. Took another trip to Carn Brea....less windy this time so we were able to walk the full length of its spine. This is view from the opposite end of the castle.
  17. I've never actually photographed the viaduct itself for the reason you stated. There's next to no places you can photograph it from that can do it justice. But next time I'm down there I'll try and grab a couple of shots.
  18. Love the warm golden glow on the buildings. Only been to New York the once way back in 1979....
  19. Interesting shots, could be a wash basin if it was near a door.
  20. Interesting shots, there's a guy on YouTube called Martin Zero who explores various urban spots around Manchester and Lancashire.
  21. Two great shots, I feel like I've not been anywhere, other than locally, since last summer....
  22. Great shot, I somehow missed this one.
  23. Thanks Clicker and Jeff. One that I missed were the Coal Tits that were there as well. One of the advantages of this site is that the birds are used to people being about so you can pretty close and no shooting through glass and at this time of year the are no leaves to block the views or cause shadows.
  24. Talking of showers..............
  25. I often have to do the same ..... but the more often you do it ...the quicker and better one seems to get at it ... well I 'm hoping that's the case ...lol
  26. A brilliant set, Ryewolf. There isn't one I don't like.
  27. With the shots taken in the climbing Hydrangea I have had to combine autofocus and refining that focus manually, as the branches and twigs are far too dense to rely on autofocus alone.
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