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The Weekly Caption 26/08/2019

All you have to do is add a caption - or two if you fancy.....



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  2. The most Westerly tip of Wales is where The Bishops Palace is situated nestling next to St David's Cathedral ... Caught this last weekin late evening sunlight ...
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  4. Next to St Davids cathedral lies the magnificent ruins of the Bishops Palace. The structure that stands today was built in the 14th-century, yet the site dates much earlier. Caught this in the late evening sunshine last week.. ...
  5. That's a beautifully composed landscape image Geoff .... very atmospheric too with those cool frosty tones taking the eye to the slightly warmer winter sunlight on the distant chalk downs ... The sedge grasses and reeds add vital interest and texture to the foreground and I love the processing too ...resulting as usual in quality image ..
  6. Ok ... I presume you are starting another thread rather than editing your initial post on this one ...If you have any problems just yell ...
  7. Interesting history, equally interesting mono, nice work, Geoff
  8. thanks hatter. the first is my favorite too due to the tide framing the front side of the ice. but i liked the spray on the second as the wave struck it. i shot probably 50 or so frames out there, these were my two favorites from the beach.
  9. very nice! the fence makes a nice leading line into the landscape and the frozen water continues that lines towards the mountain to make a very effective comp. great tones and color too.
  10. All OK now Click, the last two have not loaded for some reason, but hopefully all good now.
  11. The Cuckmere Valley, East Sussex, England.
  12. FUJI

    the speed of light

    A very atmospheric study Loki ...... I saw a spectacular Aurora during winter in northern Germany, a long time ago. Back to your photograph.... it is in fact made up of two distinct pictures.... the Aurora as a...stand-alone ..study, and with that beautifully lit car being another, you have combined them beautifully. FUJI
  13. loki

    the speed of light

    thanks hatter and clicker.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Excellent shots, Loki. The first one is my favourite because more of the ice is visible and I think it's more effective to have the edge of the water this side of the ice rather than on it.
  16. Hatter

    POTW - w/e 26/01/2020

    Yes - it was the 7DC, on Thursday.
  17. diamond beach in the south of iceland. had to be quick with the shots or risk getting taken out by the waves. the ice chunks break off of a glacier in the lagoon just north of the beach, they float down to the ocean and then wash up on shore. repeated battering from the waves tumbles them down to this smooth, glassy finish until they're nothing. this chunk was probably 2-2.5 ft in width when i shot it.
  18. Glad I saw this prior to my cataract op .... I could have been making a complaint to the hospital otherwise and embarrassed myself no end
  19. What a lovely portrait Fooj ...Mono conversions, more often than not, seems to work better in Street photography, in my opinion,allowing any bright distracting colours in the background to disappear . Occasionally colour really works like your red hat lady but I have to admit I usually like the mono conversions best as they also seem more suited to reportage type images. .
  20. Clicker

    POTW - w/e 26/01/2020

    Where was the original pic posted ... was it in the 7DC as I can’t see it on the banner .... ? I know I saw it before it was picked for POTW ...
  21. Hi Geoff ... can you tell me what the problem was regarding the upload of your image ... what actually happened .... ?
  22. Last week
  23. I agree - the mono is best.
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