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  2. wow thank you ...oh i wish i had mastered my camera ..your right polly i do like taking portrait images of landscapes .i cant explain it, its just my style thanks again for picking my image
  3. took a trip with a friend out west for the day ..took a load of pics so might make this a 2 part post
  4. Today
  5. This reminds me of the shot I got of you at Stratford on the TIPF day out
  6. Your truly.... in his....Christmas lockdown Bauble ..... Stay safe folks ! FUJI
  7. Somehow I had deleted the text to go with these two photos before I posted it ... so I have now re instated it !😉
  8. I love Long Tailed Tits, strangely we dont get them around us but they are abundant down by the river where there is a huge colony of them. I expect with the temperature dropping they are stocking up on fat supplies, poor old things are so vulnerable
  9. I had to smile when this goldfinch looked down at the family of longtailed tits on the fat ball feeder below who had commandeered it and I could almost hear him saying ...."Those pesky longtailed tits !" 😂
  10. Presumably the Mill near you ... the water always looks glass like ...no doubt confirming why it the simile , " As calm as a millpond " originiated from the effect of making a reservoir next to a mill ( to power the wheels ) The processing works too .... I can see why you love to walk here.... two cracking images Denis ...
  11. Your compositional skills really show up on your landscapes Denis ...the point of view and where you have placed the tractor in the image contribute to the overall balance a great deal ... and your subtle processing works too .. Nicely done ...works for me .
  12. A couple of views tweaked and tickled in Topaz
  13. Another walk across the Farm yesterday, and still the work goes on...
  14. Thanks Folks ... I live in hope of catching him with a good sharp view ... now that I have seen him land on the same branch 3 or 4 times, I can set up my camera and tripod ( always used hand held up to now ) in the kitchen for a few hours every day to cover the time that he now seems to appear on some days ... You never know ......🤞
  15. Wonderful detail. Captures the aching loneliness of the place.
  16. Wow - lovely shot of a very special visitor.
  17. Almost a silhouette - really effective.
  18. Well done Ryebear, a worthy winner. Great choice Clicker.
  19. Nice catch Polly - looks to have nice colour in the breast feathers.
  20. Love the light in this.... Congratulations Ryeland. FUJI
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