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  1. Yesterday
  2. As I say every time one of these gets posted - I'm jealous! Still never even seen one.
  3. Looks like it's pretending to be a heron.
  4. I was quite pleased to see the Kingfisher so close, alas it was 20:30pm so the light was poor so I had to use iso1600 for these two shots I got spotted on this shot....
  5. Great set and good to see swans outside their hotel.... Mind you there's a Swan Hotel a few hundred yards from where I live but no swans or river either....
  6. Ryewolf


    I already have a Lowepro Rucksack and a couple of other smaller bags, I think anyone who's had a camera for a few years tends to accumulate camera bags of different sizes....
  7. Hatter

    A Place to Sit...

    Very strange - completely blocking the pathway. As Mike said - perhaps they mark a boundary. B&W works for me.
  8. Nice shots, Dee - always good to see the different wildlife from the other side of the world.
  9. Leon


    wow, can't even give it away.
  10. That's been taken care of, Mike - all will be revealed in the fullness of time. I don't think anyone will be disappointed with what we have planned. Korky
  11. Sounds interesting, have you considered allowing more than one entry per member on the monthly possibly up to 3, just so any one entering at the beginning can be involved still.
  12. Yes, but i meant i got quiet a few the day before.
  13. Mike said"Well looking out of the door it looks like a no go today, just thankful for the Ducks". Are they close to where you live then Mike?
  14. Looks a bit like the two pots are boundary markers
  15. It works for me.
  16. Another shot from my bimble around Knaresborough the other week. I was taken by the strangeness of the two seater and the chimney pots set together. To be honest, when I processed this in colour it just didn't work and I was on the brink of dumping it. 'Twas then I had the brainwave and 'twas then I decided to do a B&W conversion. For me it works, but you may think differently! A Seat at the Water's Edge
  17. Hello Everyone This is just to let you know that after much deliberation, Ryewolf, Clicker and myself have decided that the Weekly Challenge has run its course, it's time for it to be put into mothballs and stored in the old cupboard at the back of the office. From July 1st there'll be two new challenges for you to get your teeth into and we certainly hope that you will. The main challenge will be on a monthly basis and each alternate month will have a theme. The themes will be quite universal so that everyone can enter, but entry photos will need to be taken during the month rather than from the archives. All designed to get you out and about with a camera and then bag a dollop of kudos at the end of the month. We've even got a super-duper, VIP guest judge lined up to cast a beady eye over the entries and pick the top three. The second challenge has been suggested by SRJ (Simon) and will be a weekly challenge that will be based on the letters of the alphabet. We'll start with the letter A and 26 weeks later we'll arrive at Z, when we'll all be posting shots of zebras. This challenge is designed to be fun rather than competitive - just get creative and enjoy. Rywolfe and Clicker will be along in the coming days to let you know the details of how things'll work and then on 1st July, off we go. I hope I've whetted your appetites, so please get involved and please help us to give TIPF a bit of sparkle. Thanks! Korky
  18. I had this one down as POTW as soon as I saw it - Well done, Mike! Korky
  19. Well looking out of the door it looks like a no go today, just thankful for the Ducks.
  20. What a pleasant surprise to see this, thanks for choosing and thanks to all for the comments.
  21. Lovely, i think the doves are the best for me.
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