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  2. Clicker

    Glass and light ...

    Thanks all ... ... taken in the dark on granite worktop holding the iPhone torch in one hand . Camera in t’other ... sophisticated set up innit ...
  3. Clicker

    Weekly Challenge 189 - OPEN THEME

    That’s a very nice twiddle John .. and I’ll pardon you for twiddling ...
  4. johntwo

    Weekly Challenge 189 - OPEN THEME

    Since it's Korky's week I thought I would have a bit of a twiddle (if you'll pardon the expression). Lindisfarne Castle Definitely one for the Lytebox.
  5. Today
  6. Nikonmike

    Sod you then

    Six of one and half a dozen of the other, Herons are quite partial water bird chicks if they can get them but yes i would rather see reds than greys
  7. Clicker

    Weekly Challenge 189 - OPEN THEME

    No excuse then folks ... let’s have a bumper number of entries for this one then ......
  8. Clicker

    Sod you then

    Well observed Mike ... Grey squirrels are known to raid nests and kill birds and chicks so I imagine maybe the conversation wasn’t quite as friendly as you thought !,,,Not my favourite pesky animal I’m afraid ...
  9. Ryewolf

    Sod you then

    Excellent timing and nicely captured.
  10. Nikonmike

    Dewy succulent

    Lovely image, the presentation just suits it.
  11. Well done and congrats from me also Korky.
  12. Thought I'd go for an open theme for this weeks challenge. Two reasons....... 1 - I'm a bit rubbish at coming up with themes and I've spent all morning trying to think o' summat and failed miserably. 2 - I thought a free-for-all might encourage more people to join in by having a week when you can post owt ya got. Go for it and show us yer finest! All entries to be posted by midnight GMT on Friday 22nd February and then we'll have a vote to pick a winner. Images can be shot for the contest or be from your archives. Entirely up to you! Korky
  13. Just fiddling around with macro in PhotoShop.
  14. JamesT

    Sod you then

    Great observation, and nice timing.
  15. Hatter

    Wood pigeon

    Well caught, Mike - I like the shadow of his (or her?) head/beak on the wing in #2.
  16. Nikonmike

    Sod you then

    There i was having a chat with my mate Squirrel Don't think it was anything i said
  17. Nikonmike

    Arrivals and Departures

    Very impressive as Gareth said.
  18. Hatter

    Arrivals and Departures

    That's very striking, John! Bright & colourful with dynamic leading lines. The low viewpoint is very effective - it wouldn't have worked anywhere near as well from head height.
  19. Hatter

    Fake Birds

    I think the mono would work if you zoomed out a bit and presented it as a silhouette.
  20. FUJI

    Milton Keynes at Christmas...

    Exciting place...................isn’t it ? Seriously though, the pics are very good...a clear record of what is there.....a bleak ugly architectural mess up.... You could create a book, similar to the...Petrol Stations of the U.K. ..... one ? FUJI
  21. Nikonmike

    ad infinitum

    Like it, makes me think of last of the summer wine,compo explaining infinity in the fish shop.
  22. Nikonmike

    Glass and light ...

    Like it, perhaps no need to tell us what it was so our brains had to click in.
  23. Sorry.....with valentines day and choccie making, I totally forgot to enter. Had an entry too, took some pics of lines of asda trollies looking regimental! No worries. Some awesome entries though and not a train track in sight!
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