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  1. Yesterday

    Thanks James...... I too am not the greatest fan of bikes.....we live alongside a very busy main road, and know all too well that many require more efficient silencers..... I recall too at age 16 , the terrifying ride on the pillion of a powerful bike to enjoy a day watching the 1954 F1 Grand Prix...when Fangio win it.....During the journey=rneys too and from I kept being sworn at for not leaning into corners as. Should....I also lost, the back to front ,fat cap I was wearing.....never again ! Love big Harley’s and Goldwings.....to look at....the big Motor Trikes too fascinate me...especially the folk who keep and ride them.....Everytime I hear a bilke I prepare to practice my panning skills.....hence these shots and the many like them. FUJI

    I'm not really a fan of motorbikes, but those are great captures. The second one looks like "old enough to know better -- old enough not to care"
  4. I think this might be my steam train image for April, unless I get another in the next 7 days.... The Tornado 60163 at Townsend Fold.
  5. 2018 Calendar - March


    Because being bang in the centre of England, we are at the crossroads of most main routes....this means that, during the finer weather we a diverse selection of vehicles passing through, many travelling to Festivals and shows, living very close to a major Castle helps too.. 1.....FAST OF THE SUMMER WINE ......................I love the expressions on this pair. 2 ....SILVER MACHINE .................I received a cheerful wave from this biker.. FUJI
  7. Red Legged Partridge

    Thanks Kobione and Chris. Apparently they were introduced to the UK from France around the 1770's.
  8. Common Lizard Set 1

    Thanks Kobione.
  9. Common Lizard Set 3

    Thanks FUJI and Kobione, it seems I seems them for a few days consecutively and then don't see them again.... I'm not sure if this is because I see them as they start coming out of hibernation and the rest of the summer they are a lot more active?
  10. Common Lizard Set 2

    Thanks Kobione.
  11. Lizard in the Grass

    Thanks Kobione, on the original image you can see my shadow in it's eye.
  12. Sunshine and Showers

    Superb Jacqui. The subject lighting and composition is solid but I'm also drawn to the variegated foliage. Do you have any more info' on the image as the EXIF data is blank.
  13. Sunshine and Showers

    Don't you just love club judges! There are some good ones of course but some.............. It's a very nice shot and I can see the rain even if the judge could not.
  14. I did this a while back for a camera club competition where the subject was Wet. The judge said it didn't fit the theme, so we poured water over Hannah from a garden hose for nothing. I thought it fitted the weather we're having at the moment.
  15. Vintage Collection

    I know where there's a 167MT right now that's not been used for 15 years, and the tight wad won't part with it.
  16. Anything and everything as long as they are in pairs.
  17. Oh! I hadn't realised. How do I go about it?
  18. It’s Johns turn to choose theme for #146, yeah?
  19. Vintage Collection

    Imagine spotting a burgundy/brown Contax ERC with a low price on it - just the thought of what’s inside would get me giddy.
  20. Vintage Collection

    Still looking for a Planar 1.4 T* at sensible money BP, I suspect car boot sales are my only hope.
  21. Red Legged Partridge

    Nice catch RW.
  22. Peacock Butterfly

    Thanks Kobione. It was the same here last year.
  23. Bull Finch

    Thanks Rye. We only see this one individual and there just one Goldfinch that drops in occasionally but I haven't seen it for a few days.
  24. Long tailed tit

    I was curious if my monitor had an issue (Acer 27", sRGB profile), but got a very similar result from my older Samsung 22". A younger set of eyeballs on a different PC said the edited version looked odd. Not sure what conclusion to draw here but I see this group of birds regularly at dawn, hopefully I'll get a another chance with the sun behind me sometime soon.
  25. Red Legged Partridge

    Nice catch of a lovely bird Rye - not something we see here.
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