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  2. Territorial swans.

    Beautifully caught!
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  4. 4 day catch up done. Re- Rewind
  5. Another trip to head orifice and another gadget i neither want or need. lets see what this fruity fuss is all about.
  6. There is a zebra at the door?
  7. Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud

    On my new machine Beepy ... at last ! I've had such a busy ten days I only got round to switching on this morning ! As Jimmy Cliff sang," I can see clearly now ..." so I am really looking at your images ... Super detail ... I imagine you could have written Vorsprung Durch Technic underneath the second image and started collecting royalties ....

    You have certainly got the focus right on these 2 images.
  9. The 52 Project - Week 42

    It is a part from the suspension kit for an led aquarium light set up.

    Whilst I'm out and about with my camera, I am always attracted to the sound of a motorbike, because I like to test my reaction times and panning skills, this sometimes means being overtaken as I walk , the result is that the said bike is zipping away rather than directly across my field of view. This, I feel proves the value of learning how to set to...Zone-Focus...on an auto or manual lens, the reason being is that the ...in-focus... distances are set in stone...so everything between those two points will be sharp even if moving.... as long as you have shutter-speed and Aperture set right. You would get blurring if shutter speed was too low...or... Aperture was so small, shutter-speed slows anyway. Even the best cameras and lenses set on Auto-Focus would need to hunt and perhaps lose that moment. My beautiful vintage Minolta- Rokkor 50-1.4 shows its mettle again...Love it! FUJI
  11. Loco 52322 leaving Irwell Vale
  12. Yesterday
  13. Abstract Metal Part 1

    Thanks BP.
  14. I think Rye has the answer. I've deleted the original tie-break poll and started afresh, you should be able to vote now. Korks, you might want to leave it until Sunday evening to give folk chance to have their say.
  15. Quick dodge out with the mutt before work...cold and a bit hard but canny enough.
  16. Birmingham at night

    Amazing set.
  17. The 52 Project - Week 42

    Just what is that bit of metal???
  18. But, is it Edible?

    I've no idea either.....
  19. I'm also not able to vote..... Phil, Korky and Richard all seem to have managed voting today (I wonder if they didn't vote previously???) Seem to remember Phil saying that you needed to completely delete the previous poll and start a new one...
  20. The shops in Thirsk are gearing up for Christmas now.
  21. But, is it Edible?

    No idea but it looks great BIG!
  22. But, is it Edible?

    Today, on walk.
  23. I see what James means ... I am not able to vote ... I can just see the new poll results already but I haven’t cast a vote yet and there is no option for me to vote now... it’s very strange ...
  24. Territorial swans.

    Lovely shot large. All of those water droplets look amazing. Feather detail is smart. Nice shot.
  25. I think if you look at the votes now for Kobione for instance , it shows 1 vote. But shows three have been cast when you click to find out who has voted.... I think it must show who voted for her the first time round as well ..
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