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  2. Thanks Kobione, I was taking these whilst waiting for the steam to to arrive, but turned out not to be such a good place to photograph them late in the afternoon.
  3. Thanks Kobione and Kev.
  4. Nice one Kev, worth crawling around for.
  5. Thanks all this was a really nice find it isn't the sharpest or fastest but for what I paid and how the lens feels when using it I feel it is an excellent addition to my small but hopefully growing Fuji kit. Jim
  6. I have to admit thats my favorite too! Jim
  7. Not a problem Polly.
  8. Very nicely composed there Brian ...another landscape image really suited to portrait mode... Nice to hear from you too ...
  9. You're really getting into this macro stuff aren't you Kev...very nice result ...and pleasing to the eye with its unfussy composition ... It's a jungle out there it seems
  10. Sorry Kev. I meant to do it yesterday... Completely slipped my mind doh ...
  11. The lens creates a lovely soft bokeh too. Paul.
  12. Taken for something else and now not to be used so waste not want not and the sweets probably wont see out the morning either.
  13. Thanks Roger, I do love the sky's on the Downs after a storm. Geoff
  14. I have two Sony cameras ... Both have great lenses'll enjoy this one Fooj ... As I can see already ., lm off to now to watch England v India I women's cricket ODI world final ... The semifinals were so exciting ...
  15. Good pictures Fiji, the future looks bright with the SONY RX 100 MK III Geoff
  16. Lovely portraits James, an that lens looks like bit of a bargain, , Geoff
  17. Cracking picture Brian, Its when you look back and cant see them in the sand you need to start worrying?--LOL. Geoff
  18. Thank you - they are not as noticeable as our traditional green lacewings and are a lot smaller too, so probably often overlooked. Paul.
  19. Thank you Dee x Paul.
  20. The South Downs at Firle, East Sussex
  21. The colours of the flowers against the blue sky give a stunning result.
  22. That's a lovely result Kev . nice one.
  23. Kinky or otherwise, I like your image Brian.
  24. It is perversely satisfying to look back at your own footprints, when they are the only ones for miles around. Am I kinky or what!
  25. I really like the gothic style French cathedrals. They are very tall and imposing.
  26. Well, my first grasshopper. I was crawling around in 30C plus temperatures for this. I must have drank several litres of water. But, I got the little beggar.
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