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  2. A nice set, though image 4 just shaves it for me.
  3. that's a nice capture, alas it's not an uncommon story, there was a seal recently that got it's head caught in dogs fly disk that had been left on the beach.
  4. Well done, Johntwo.
  5. Today
  6. I knew if I went down the coast over Easter I wouldn’t be disappointed. Don’t think I’ll ever get bored around there.
  7. I don't usually photograph birds, but I love the way this swan was holding his wings/feathers. And - on a side note - this photo doesn't show his injured neck. He'd obviously had something tight round it. I got in touch with SwanWatch who contacted a warden at the country park. They are aware of it but he seems on the mend with no long term effect. A victim of discarded fishing line, poor creature. I'd like to tie some of it tightly around the neck of whoever discarded it!
  8. VWGolf

    POTW - w/e 21/04/19

    Fabulous bit of panning of an iconic locomotive Well done, a very worthy winner
  9. Thanks Clicker, yes very simple and effective.
  10. Great to hear ... he’s a lucky dog ... it could have all been very different had you not been quick to give him first aid and get him to the vet so quickly... . He is of course an honorary member of TIPF !
  11. Simple but clever safety device innit ... well captured and explained ...
  12. Very nice indeed Strav ...
  13. Just an update - he's back to normal, out every day for two or three good long walks and happy with his lot in life again.
  14. Class 24 24054/D5054 'PHIL SOUTHERN' at Ramsbottom For a long time I didn't know what was going one when they swapped this bag type thing at Ramsbottom, it apparently contains a token and is given to someone on the train when it leaves Ramsbottom and is returned when the train comes back. Without the token trains can't leave for Rawtenstall, it stops two trains being on the same line travelling in opposite directions.
  15. Something a little different.
  16. Thanks all. I was super lucky with the sun and the boat and the spot...honestly didn't think I would ever see one on a 'normal' photo without specialist filters.
  17. Found this after pulling off the road into a small camp site at Lake Wanaka on the South Island of NZ
  18. Just catching up Cheers for the comments guys, been out more with the camera recently but it all goes on social media so don't get a chance to call on the forum much.
  19. Great set of images, the first is my favourite
  20. sjr

    The Pier

    Defiantly Llandudno pier and a wonderful picture showing it off perfectly.
  21. If you go down to the woods today......
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