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  2. These are Chinese made lens that are all manual they come in Sony E, Fuji X, Nikon One and M4/3 mounts. They are optically good not super good just good but since they run around $65 to 75 USD(remember you said post and I said I am a yank no clue what it costs in Pounds/Euros ) you are still getting a good bargain since they do not require an adapter and they are built like old school Nikkors and I mean the Pre AI type Nikkors, trust me no plastic they are all metal. I previously bought the 35 f1.7 very nice lens I posted about here over the summer and took some portraits of my grandson. Well now I got a 27 f2.8(42mm FoV on my Fuji) pancake and I am a real sucker for pancake lens I love them. I do tend to prefer the wide normal ie 35m to 40mm vs the straight up 50mm Normal FoV. I will eventually add their 50mm f2 as a true portrait lens but for now I am still trying to master the MF on my Fuji XE2. My only gripe is that the focus ring is paved funny you have a ton of turn for .25 meter to 2 meters then a very small amount from 2 meters to infinity I will have do some testing to see if its true infinity but that does make distance focusing a bit harder. Ok here are some shots inside, outside and of the lens itself. I will say tis it makes one sexy kit on my XE2 with my leather half case. Jim PS Blame Korky for this post she sent me the email I think about posting!
  3. Email about participation

    I had to take a deep breath since this is some of the very issues we have on the site I am the admin on. We have a corp group of about 25 with another 10 or so who pop in and out. We have had many discussions we even have a semi parallel FB page to try and boost the participation. I will try to log in at least once a week this is a very good forum and I do like it for me its mostly a matter of time since I run one site and I am a mod on a large another large Nikon site that I am having thoughts about resigning due to my lake of time on the forum. The email asked if I/other members had issues with any on the team and as far as I can see the team is friendly and out going and open to new members so I can not see any reason why someone would not post because of the team. I hope the site will grow and not go away it is nice to have a friendly site that is not brand specific its funny I run a Nikon site and yet I have mostly moved on to Fuji, I do have a large manual focus collection of Nikons and glass and a P900 and P330 so I do have Nikon gear and I do shoot the film stuff occasionally and yes I am waiting for Ektachrome to comeback this year slide film is my favorite. Kind regards Jim PS they said they want banter but remember I am a Yank so my banter well might be a very different style especially since I am retired US Navy we have an odd sense of humor!
  4. Normally thats what we get cold rain occasionally ice but very seldom the snow and super cold weather. Jim
  5. Today
  6. Swanage bay 30 seconds Nd10stop F22 Nikon d5600 @18mm
  7. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    Nice set Alpha - no 2 for me because of the colour in the sky, but all three are nice!
  8. I am BACK

    Hello again David and welcome back.
  9. Still in demand......

    Polly if we didn't live here and put this water out close to the house we would miss out on a lot of enjoyment in watching the birds, lizards and 'roos etc. There was no dam on our block before we had one done, so wild life would have had to rely on other water sources. We even saw this the other day - not very good because taken from the house so a very long way off the dam, but we have never seen kangaroos deliberately paddling in the water before:
  10. Our morning outing....

    Had to go to the vets this morning - nothing urgent, just that Brodie needed her annual check and vaccinations - got in as early as we could because of the hot weather. After the visit we headed to Boort Lake, which looks like this: and what else do two doggies do, but this: Yes, they did plosh further in and at least they were cool then for the drive home
  11. Still in demand......

    I don't know how you cope with that heat Dee... I certainly could not ... great insight into your lives out there ... I imagine the wild life can depend on humans a lot at times when it comes to water ....
  12. Water, that is, in accessible spots for the birds and other wild life. Taken just a few minutes ago, one of our Shingelbacks hogged this water bowl for at least 10 minutes, and the thirsty birds were not impressed, but he needs water too: Spreads his tongue to the max to get the best slurp: At the time of taking these it was 37Cdeg, and we are heading for a 41C and a 43C for Saturday and Sunday - guess our main job will be to keep all the drinking spots full!
  13. Bath by night

    Two very nice images Strav... the former full of atmosphere and mystery and maybe even a little apprehension... the latter an iconic street showing Georgian architecture a very best ... Love the shadows of the railings in the foreground and the even though the cars are replacing horses and carriages they don't detract from the image at all for me ... I really like these two ...
  14. Binary

    Fear not Jem ... when one clicks on the image and then again + it shows that it is in black and white ...binary indeed. Hats off to you for your experimentation ... i really love the effect ... a surreal feel ...an almost sci fi feel to it .
  15. Birmingha - 1980's & 2017

    Fantastic stuff this is Strav ! What a difference 30 odd years make eh ..Are you entering the Calendar Challenge...? If you have 12 before images you could do a Then and Now Calendar of Birmingham with the Before images as small insets in the Now versions ... Just a thought ... pssst. Looks like you missed the final M on the title ....
  16. Another one of my now and then series The canals around Birmingham back in the 80's before the regeneration, and afterwards
  17. What are you reading?

    No need to apologize the written word is often misconstrued It was my fault for not saying " just like " at the start but then I was the only one that knew what I meant I get myself into a lot of trouble with Mrs Edges the same way
  18. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    Lovely set Alphaboo ... the second one is just super ... gorgeous tones ,exposure and composition. The third one it is just a little less balanced for me ... I think my eye keeps getting dragged to the big boulder bottom left... just my take on it . .Get some more comments and postings under your belt and you'll be able to edit after 30 postings as the Gaffer said. ..... looking forward to more of your coastal images as I am envious of where you live ..... the county of Cornwall.
  19. Marina

    Ive never managed to get a good shot of boats with masts :-(
  20. What are you reading?

    Sorry I miss read your post
  21. Bath by night

    It was a cold night in Bath, and the Crystal Palace Pub was at the end of the street in the first shot
  22. I love Warwickshire, it's where I was bought up before I moved to Birmingham
  23. Binary

    Hello all, I bought a mono Laser printer for about thirty quid and tried a B&W image on it, it failed. Searching for B&W images I cam across this site: http://www.photo-kako.com/en/block-print.cgi Hmmm I thought surely I could do better than that and after fiddling with bits in Ps I came up with a way to make an image from just pure black and pure white. Which prints beautifully from the Laser onto Japanese Simili paper. The image is a composite one I call 'Slit'; me, some rock and some pines and a few jaggy bits cut out of the rock. Cheers Ohh and apparently they are called binary prints [the image looks greyish because of the reduction from the original]
  24. Alnmouth

    Lovely set
  25. As the rain comes in Staithes

    Great moody clouds
  26. The Seven Sisters.

    As Ive said before elsewhere, great shot Geoff
  27. Hendra Beach Cornwall

    Great set, like them all but the last my favourite
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