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    Fuji I have not been very active lately,(and you know why), so I have put quite a number of 'likes' out there without comment, just so that whoever did the post knows I have at least looked at it. I should be more active very soon, but as you and other friends on here know I'm not heavily technical, but will say why I like an image - I'll be back
  3. Seems like we might think alike, Fuji. My favourite street camera at the moment is my Nikon 1 v3 or J5. Absolutely everything is a potential shot. I think the motivation and preparation come from an outlook, a philosophy of what photography means to me. That's a personal thing that goes back to my childhood and includes aspects of study, experience and goals. I listen to the voice in my head that talks constantly to me and tells me tales. The vision accompanies that. Thats when I take a picture.
  4. Legs are too long...

    Cheers Geoff : ) Paul.
  5. Today

    Hi, Tom, First off ...a huge thank you for taking an interest in my work and how I produce it.....now to answer your questions. The building is just a small corner of my close neighbour Kenilworth Castle, dating back to circa 1126...this corner is Medieval....too long a history to go into here ..Google/YouTube will give you all the answers...we locals get a free pass. Vintage Lenses...since the appearance of M/4/3rds cameras, they have become more than popular, because the Chinese have developed a whole range of adapter rings to fit almost any camera/lens combo....DSLRS take old lenses too. The advantage is that you get a beautiful bit of glass that would have been very expensive in its day, for peanuts...the one used here cost £10.....most cost between £50-£500 depending on model. Once fitted, you have to set to....Shoot W/O Lens to go fully manual, which means focusing by hand as you do with binoculars....you can set to Zone Focus to give you set distances or Hyper focal which gives focus from around 5 ft to infinity....play with aperture wide open, and you get beautiful separation/ DOF. I collect those having the old Leica M39 thread mount....or...the old zenit M 42 thread.....there is a huge range available, especially ...beautiful JUPITER and HELIOS lenses made in post war Russia using tools and machines captured from the ZEISS works in Nazi Germany....the Russians made exact copies of Leica lenses until the KATE 1960s or even later. If you have a full frame sensor camera, they work and feel exactly the same as a contemporary lens.....they also work on M/4/3 rds camera’s But you need to double the focal distance because of the smaller sensor. How do you find out more?.....learn as I do by watching the huge number of informative video tutorials on YouTube ....there are many excellent tutors amongs many who aren’t. Ebay, is the main source with Russia and the Ukraine the favourite places for professional sellers, one in particular is a great guy.....Charity shops and Boot Fairs are other sources...but...buyer beware....fungus and sticky aperture blades lurk in the undergrowth. Many collectors...not me...enjoy dismantling, cleaning and restoring vintage lenses. I love what they have to offer creatively.....I think that they make you a better/thinking photographer, because they enforce a slowing down, giving time to think and to compose. ..... set Hyper-focal distance right and you have an instant-in focus point and shoot. Have a good look at You tube videos on our local Castle....or go on to Google Earth and give me a wave.....then explore the amazing world of the....Vintage Lens....careful, you might get hooked. FUJI
  7. Back out early with doog...

    And I thought I was the grumpy one. I do agree with you wholeheartedly, Fuji, and I've only been here a couple of days. Just imagine how easily bored I'd get. I often wonder what forums are for. Are they places for discussion, a reward for work done, prizes, friends, just photos? I'm not going back to the Greeks, but they did have the right idea. A forum was a place for discussion, argument, debate, information and the meeting of old and new friends. Even today, we imagine a forum as a panel of éxperts' giving a talk on a subject then responding to questioning. The internet seems a different place. People post pictures, some are ignored, some are likes, a few raise points of interest shared, A difference of opinion is either denied or restricted. Opinions are often accepted without argument or verification.Feelings should never be hurt.Some topics are taboo. In other words, the very nature of a forum is stifled to ensure conformity and blandness. If I want someone to like my pictures I can ask my relatives. If I want someone to be critical of my images I should ask my critics. Open discussion is interesting. If we are terrified of being rude, crude and offensive, the conversation is stifled. I'm no expert, but I know why it keeps me away from forums.
  9. Wasting time

    Hate sunsets. Yet I have a few laying about. Decided one lazy Saturday to do something with them. heres a couple.

    Hi Fuji. interesting building. Does it have a name? I'm not familiar with Warwickshire. whats with the fascination with old lenses? I know another bloke, a Dr Klaus somethingorother who does the same thing. He'd use a coke bottle base if he could get it to fit. Where do you get them from and how do you mount the? (To your camera, that is). have you got some shots of the lenses mounted on camera bodies? cheers tom
  11. New garden visitor the dogs will be delighted they have something new to chase.

    The Doodle
  13. Portable SD Card Back up

    Hi Richard. i have a Picture Porta I bought years ago for traveling. I think they are still for sale. I'll see if I can find a link its 500 gb takes sad and other cards, has a viewing screen, plugs into a computer when you get home and just acts as a hard drive. Mine has been around the world and back and has never failed me. It's not SSD though. Looks like it's no longer available. The alternative is to get an SSD notebook. I have a Samsung that fits into n my camera bag. Only weighs .8 kg. Take a couple of flash drives. alternatvely, send them all home from an Internet cafe through Drop Box or Drive or some other cloud. i here they have a 1tb ad card available at around $2000. Ouch. Tom
  14. Face to face with life

    I actually like the framing, no matter how big and I also enjoy how you frame an image, not based on what it would look like on the forum but how it would look like it real life.. I like that first image because it shows what you think a printed version would look like.... it might not work as well on an a forum, where there is a this a limited size for images.... but they're your images so post what you will...............................
  15. Yesterday
  16. Legs are too long...

    Nice one Paul, I've photographed Opiliones or Harvestmen and you're right the legs are just too long............
  17. Opiliones or Harvestmen, it is an arachnid but not closely related to a spider
  18. The Iphone X

    I approach my photography in the same way regardless of the camera I have in my hands at the time - basically - I capture an image with an end result in mind. I might be out with me Fuji X System where it will be set to raw knowing I have total control over every aspect from setting the shutter speed, aperture, iso, WB and focal length etc to manipulating the file on my Mac. I might have my iPhone with me where it will be set to raw knowing I have total control over every aspect from setting the shutter speed, iso, WB and focal length etc to manipulating the file on my Mac. I might be using a film body where I will choose a format, an emulsion, shutter speed, aperture, focal length and once it is scanned I'll process it on my Mac. I might grab a pin hole camera, choose a film, take a random guess at a shutter speed and having hoped for the best get the film processed and then work on the files with my Mac. What I will NEVER DO is dismiss ANY camera as being inferior. People (not photographers because they are anything but) who think their particular choice of camera or format is better are narrow minded, locked in the past, creatively stunted and hopefully soon to be extinct as frankly they have no place in the modern world.
  19. The 52 Project - Week 34

    Boy, these weeks certainly fly by, doesn't seem long ago when we were on week 1, tomorrow is Week 35.....
  20. The 52 Project - Week 34

    A view from Pendle Hill....
  21. It certainly is, the more the merrier.

    This little lass just did this without being prompted.....Those eyes? Posted with full permissions: FUJI

    My daughter's eyeball.

    My eyes
  25. The Iphone X

    Mirrorless is definitely the future I'm sure of it. What the problem is with Canon and Nikon is that they have invested so much in their DSLRs to make a series of Mirrorless will set them right back especially when you look at Sony? But they will have to take the plunge properly sooner or later?
  26. The Iphone X

    I can do better with my 7d but it certainly takes more effort and knowledge I think. I am looking forward to the day I get a mirrorless system mind you.
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