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  2. Great end results Paul..... when I had all my Sony macro gear, I was a very big fan of creating my own diffusers.... If I fit, then use my crude DIY MACRO lenses I simply place paper towel over the flash, if one is required. FUJI
  3. Yesterday
  4. A couple of spiders using the greaseproof paper layer diffusion I'm playing around with on my ringflash: I should mention the process is edited in LR using lens correction for the Venus, then Auto, then slight adjustments of my own to counter the auto, then into PS and then using Topaz before saving as jpgs usually at 1400 pixels... Paul.
  5. Shield bug youngster appeared again today - and it's definitely grown! Paul.
  6. A lovely moody capture..... Well done Paul. FUJI
  7. Great choice - congratulations, Paul!
  8. Fantastic mood and great choice. Congrats Paul. Paul.
  9. Once again I find myself looking at a number of quality images posted by our intrepid members...knowing I have to choose one at the end of the week . Despite some really outstanding images, there was one that just screamed POTW as soon as it was posted . Every now and then one comes across an image where it feels the stars have aligned to provide a perfect scene ... Everything about this image appeals to me and it's one of those pictures that I would be proud to have in my portfolio so for your epic image of a CROMER STORM, I am really pleased to award POTW to you Vanguard ....... Congratulations Van ... a super set but this photo is absolutely fantastic in my opinion ... awesome work ! You can find the original post by clicking on the link below ..... http://www.tipf.co.uk/forums/topic/44332-cromer-storm/?tab=comments#comment-212041
  10. That's an interesting take on life in general Fooj... I suppose you win some you lose some ...... but mostly it's a half full glass don't you think ....
  11. Paul


    Quirky and different! People watching can be fun! Paul.
  12. I never fail to be amazed at what can pass our front gate in just half an hour..... honestly... Weekends are always good for the unusual and interesting.
  13. Last week
  14. Thanks John. Yes, all the corvids are pretty smart
  15. vanguard


    A very vivian maier style shot, Love it.
  16. The intelligence of these birds still amazes me.
  17. sjr

    Big Trucks

    I have always wanted that shot....just because I wanted to put red lorry yellow lorry as the title.
  18. johntwo


    What some people will do for a selfy. Interesting idea and the exposure is spot given that it is an interior shot from outside.
  19. Ryewolf

    Big Trucks

    Spotted on the way back from Hebden Bridge
  20. Taken at Hebden Bridge this afternoon in between the rain showers...
  21. Excellent shots John, they look very colourful on the flowers.
  22. Thanks all for the comments. They are impressive birds. Had a great day photographing them.
  23. Love the first image, it’s got so many layers bring so much depth to it, then to find you standing there, Very clever.
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