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  2. Let's see the box then ... wood is such a great medium to work with and especially when using a lathe ... what wood have you used ?
  3. You caught these nicely ...pesky varmints !
  4. Impressive stuff Fooj ... The lemon slices look like they belong in a still life study ......
  5. Thank you Polly..... just come into the house from my workshop....another lidded box finished, plus others ready to go tomorrow..(if Im in the mood ), all set for lunch I was.... then realised it was only 10:30 am..... mmmmmmmmm ? FUJI
  6. Enjoyed the blog of your little sojourn today Fooj ... Locked down may feel really hard to do but trust me the alternative is much harder to bear Really like the first image ..Looks like it could be clematis stems intertwined ... You paint a real picture and I can just see you with your camera at the ready, sunhat in place, peering into the hedgerows looking for inspiration , Just go careful now ...
  7. Thank you John, I like what you’ve done to it. No idea how you did that though.
  8. Today
  9. You have a wonderful taste in music.
  10. I have all their albums Simon ..they feature heavily on my playlists so I appreciate your choice today . My favourite is still , “ it feels like rain “ ...
  11. It's a long bank holiday weekend..........yes it is! So you will get a 4 for the price of 2 over the long weekend from me. My offering for today is another canceled concert band, we should have been at the Leadmill on Wednesday watching this band and although I have seen them a dozen times I had yet to see the new line up......Enjoy King King. @johntwo they heavily use the Hammond Organ so you may enjoy. I was actually at this live recording which was done at Holmfirth Picturedrome.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I managed about an hour before the lack of feeling in my fingers became a problem lol
  14. Another worthy set James .. really nice tonal definition in the first two images especially .. made me think about retrieving my old Minolta from back of the cupboard ..
  15. Day 17: Tree Blossom with a bit of a twiddle in Nik Analog Efex
  16. Interesting to see them as mono's
  17. Nicely caught John, I've only seen a few butterflies so far and none in a place I could photograph them.
  18. Some really nice bokeh on that second image.
  19. Thanks Denis. I don't often see them in the usual places I go, but since the lockdown I found a spot literally a few minutes away that they seem to like.
  20. All excellent, but that butterfly is a cracker. FUJI
  21. A great series this BP....very enjoyable....cant believe how much your lads have grown... your eldest seems to be almost a clone of yourself . FUJI
  22. This afternoon my Dawn walk seemed an absolute age away, I had baked my bread, spent three hours lathe turning a lidded box, had my post-lunch doze, and still it was only early afternoon. My workshop is...a morning place... it was too warm to paint in my tiny conservatory, I had, had enough of my armchair.... .. My mind was made up, an escape from the house and garden was the only way... so gilet and floppy sun-hat on, I walked the 500 yds to the back of our neighbouring Castle... thankfully there was scarcely a person about. The ones I did see kept their distance, or, I kept mine. I was a bit rattled at first to discover that, English Heritage use a weed killer on the tops of the low approach walls to the Castle entrance... this had destroyed all the tiny plants I was hoping to record. i eventually settled in to take this assortment, stopping toward the end to remove the extension rings from my vintage JUPITER 9 lens... I was able to shoot parts of the Castle and the only bit of decent landscape close to home... . With a sparkly cordial, I settled again in my armchair to watch the daily news conference... I didn’t see or hear any of it...I had dozed off and was being called for dinner.... Such is...Locked-in-Life. 🤓
  23. ...what was Dylan photographing I hear you ask?
  24. Lockdown - Day 17 Got a Portra 160 film sim recipe for the X-T3 off the net - basically a few tweaks to all the custom settings to alter the built-in Fujifilm sims. Quite like the results
  25. An assortment from around the garden. Plum Blossom: Peacock butterfly Dandelion Grape Hyacinth Apple Leaves All taken with the Minolta X500 and FP4+ (not sure why I ever bother with anything else?). The butterfly used the Minolta MC 135mm f/2.8 and a 31mm extension, everything else is with the MD 50mm f/1.7 and a 13mm extension.
  26. Ooh that's a nice example John .. You always take lovely butterfly pictures ... Sorry to hear the bunions are so painful .... I suppose we must all have somethings we find really hard to cope with but thankful to keep this virus at bay ... We lost an Uncle 10 days ago ... and only one person is going to the funeral on the 21st . Sadder than sad for all the grief in the world ... when people cannot even say goodbye ..
  27. There's always one isn't there John ... ...? Mind you it was about 3 am when I took this ... Take heart that for every inconsiderate numpty around there are countless angels and good samaritans willing to go the extra mile for their fellow man ...we just don't get to hear about them as often as good news doesn't often sell newspapers or make the headlines .. Our Plumber has just offered to pop round and leave a valve on the doorstep as we have got a leak from the Cistern in a bathroom.. Other half can fit it , just couldn't find the item online as it's part of a bigger unit . He's coming 15 miles to do that as he said he had a couple on his van .... bless him.. Hope you are not doing too much as you continue to recover from your operation earlier in the year ... Stay safe ..
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